1 ) Worldwide Cooking
Around the world cutlery is an important and traditional element of fine food culture.
Exclusive Kitchenware combines in a remarkable way the most important characteristics of good cutlery . Thanks to the excellent quality of the materials remain all flavor accents perfectly preserved so perfect culinary treat is ensured.

2) Properties
Exclusive Kitchenware uses only the best precious metal for its cutlery . Thanks to a unique alloy of metals has best Exclusive Kitchenware flatware an unparalleled quality . The use of chromium makes the cutlery rustproof , nickel protects it against acids and gives it a nice shine . This connection guarantees the excellent quality and ease of use of our cutlery.
Cutlery Exclusive Kitchenware does not deform and is resistant to all occurring in food acids.

3 ) Care and cleaning of cutlery
If you maintain your cutlery carefully , it will delight you for a lifetime with his glory.
3a . Washing by hand :
The rinsing by hand is still the best way to clean your utensils.
If you are looking to use the same with hot water rinse your cutlery and dry with a soft, dry cloth , you will have no problems. Never use detergents with citric acid.

3b. Dishwasher:
The dishwasher is a far more aggressive form of cleaning than washing up by hand , because the detergents used in this case of strong chemical compounds are composed .
These chemicals are long and at high temperatures on the dishes, so that it can eventually lead to stains and corrosion. You can avoid this by following the instructions below .
1 ) Before you rinse the cutlery in the dishwasher , you should free it well under running water of food scraps . To prevent the action of saline substances.

2) Always load the cutlery with the handle downwards in the cutlery basket . Thus, the rinse water can run off and stains better be avoided.

3) Arrange the cutlery not on the variety. Mix knives, forks , spoons, ... Pay particular attention to the fact that knives are always mixed with other cutlery . If knives touching each other , cause stains and spots .

4) Mix the cutlery not with cutlery made ​​of other materials ( such as plastic ) . Also do not put cutlery made ​​of other material in its own cutlery basket.

5) The Abspülprodukte , the water softener and the salt dose always follow the instructions on the packaging. Never mix different Abspülprodukte , if this is not provided. We recommend the use of branded products !

6) At the end of the wash cycle the cutlery take directly from the dishwasher and dry with a clean, dry kitchen towel.

7) Check the cutlery on food residues and remove them if necessary equal

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